Associated Students is fully funded, owned, and operated by students at UCSB, with the support of a dedicated career staff. As such, it’s an organization that embraces change and has developed and grown as students responded to community needs and identified ways that they can better advocate and create programs for students.

AS Building Aerial View

Flashback 2012-2013 is an online annual report that provides an overview of the past year in A.S. It’s the product of a collaboration between students and A.S. staff. The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, though given the number of projects, programs, initiatives, and work in general that A.S. undertakes in a given year, it’s inevitable that the report will not be all inclusive. In fact, contributions to the report from A.S. participants are always welcome. These contributions can include text, images, video, sound clips, anything that adds to the report’s value as a resource for A.S. participants, the campus, and the wider community. Please send materials and any inquires to: media.center@as.ucsb.edu.

To jog your memory, check out the annual “The Year in AS” slideshow produced by Sean Lieberman: