Marisela Márquez – Executive Director

Marilyn Dukes – Assistant Director of Student Programs, Events, and Services

Aaron Jones – Assistant Director for Community Affairs, Student Engagement, and Advocacy

LaDonte King – Assistant Director for Government Affairs

Jennifer Kiser – Assistant Director for Independent Media

Sean Lieberman – Assistant Director for Technology

Cindy Lopez – Assistant Director for Finance and Budgets

Mathew Norton – Assistant Director for Business Services

Denise Rinaldi – Assistant Director for Human Resource and External Communications

Ed Schatz – Assistant Director for Business Services


Leah Bartos – Journalism Advisor

Carmen Bautista – Computer Network Technologist

Jayne Bittner – Isla Vista Office Assistant

Ted Coe – KCSB Advisor

Andy Doerr – Research Specialist

JudyAnn Dutcher – Web Developer

Eric Fredricey – KCSB FM Chief Engineer

Ruth Garcia Guevara – Community Volunteer Coordinator

Rayshaun Grimes – AS Cashiers Coordinator

Rodolfo Herrera – Foodbank Coordinator and Student Engagement Advisor

Adam Jahnke – Bike Shop Coordinator

Chelsea Lyon – Art Director

David Miller – Publications Analyst

Allina Mojarro – Community Education Outreach Coordinator

Irina Nikoleva – Recordkeeping Specialist

Lisa Osborne – KCSB News & Public Affairs Director

Gabriella Piazza – Administration Office Coordinator

Omead Poure – Human Resources & Payroll Analyst

Diana Collins-Puente – Isla Vista Community Advisor

Jessie Schmitt – Recycling and Compost Program Coordinator

Sarah Siedschlag – Environmental Programs Advisor

Robin Unander – AS Legal Resource Center Attorney

Coraline Vercruysse – Human Resources & Payroll Analyst (began in June 2017)

Kathleen Versola – Assistant Publications Coordinator

For current AS career staff, click here.

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